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Welcome to St. Yi Yun Il John Korean Catholic Church[aka, Cherry Hill Korean Catholic Church], located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Our patron saint, St. Yi Yun Il John, was the last person among 103 Korean Saints executed because of their devoted faith to Our Lord. In 1984, he was canonized by Pope John Paul. We are a faithful Korean community and worship our Lord in Korean under the ministry of a Korean priest, Rev. Francis D. Kim, in the Diocese of Camden. 




Sunday Mass: 1pm

Weekday Mass: Thursday 12pm

Nursing Home Mass: Every Third Thursday 3pm


Confession: 30 minutes before the beginning of mass

Marriage: Apply 3 months in advance

Anointing of the Sick: Anytime 

Baptism: Apply 1 month in advance 



The 1st Sunday of Lent(3/1/2020)

The 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time(2/23/2020)

The Baptism of the Lord(1/12/2020)


The Feast of the Holy Family(12/29/2019) | Christmas(12/25/2019) | The 4th Sunday of Advent(12/22/2019) | The 2nd Sunday of Advent(12/8/2019) | The 1st Sunday of Advent(12/1/2019) | The Solemnity of Christ the King(11/24/2019) | The  32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time(11/10/2019) | The  29th Sunday of Ordinary Time(10/20/2019) | The  26th Sunday of Ordinary Time(9/29/2019) | The  24th Sunday of Ordinary Time(9/15/2019) | The  22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time(9/1/2019) | The  21st Sunday of Ordinary Time(8/25/2019) | The  20th Sunday of Ordinary Time(8/18/2019) | The  19th Sunday of Ordinary Time(8/11/2019) | The  18th Sunday of Ordinary Time(8/4/2019) | The  17th Sunday of Ordinary Time(7/28/2019) | The Holy Trinity Sunday(6/16/2019) | The Pentecost(6/9/2019) | The Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord(6/2/2019)

6th Sunday of Easter(5/26/2019) | 5th Sunday of Easter(5/19/2019) | 4th Sunday of Easter(5/12/2019) | 3rd Sunday of Easter(5/5/2019) | 2nd Sunday of Easter/Divine Mercy Sunday(4/28/2019) | Easter Sunday(4/21/2019) | Palm Sunday(4/14/2019) | The  5h Sunday of Lent(4/7/2019) | The  4th Sunday of Lent(3/31/2019) | The  3rd Sunday of Lent(3/24/2019) | The  2nd Sunday of Lent(3/17/2019) | The  1st Sunday of Lent(3/10/2019) | The  4th Sunday of Ordinary Time(2/3/2019) | The  3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time(1/27/2019) | The  2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time(1/20/2019)

The Baptism of the Lord(1/13/2019)

The Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord(1/6/2019)


Feast of the Holy Family (12/30/2018)

Christmas (12/25/2018)

The 4th Sunday of Advent (12/23/2018)

The 2nd Sunday of Advent (12/9/2018)

The 1st Sunday of Advent (12/2/2018)

The 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time(11/11/2018)

The 31st  Sunday in Ordinary Time(11/4/2018)

The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time(10/21/2018) | The 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time(10/14/2018) | The 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time(10/7/2018) | The 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time(9/30/2018) | The 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time(9/16/2018) | The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time(9/2/2018) | The 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time(8/26/2018) | The 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time(8/19/2018) | The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary(8/15/2018) | The 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time(8/12/2018) | The 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time(8/5/2018) | The 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time(7/29/2018) | The 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time(7/15/2018) | The 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time(7/8/2018) | The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time(7/1/2018) | The Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist(6/24/2018) | The 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time(6/17/2018) | The 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time(6/10/2018) | The Solemnity of the Most Holy body and blood of Christ(6/3/2018) | The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity(5/27/2018) 

Pentecost Sunday(5/20/2018) | The Ascension of the Lord(5/13/2018) | The 6th Sunday of Easter(5/6/2018) | The 5th Sunday of Easter(4/29/2018) | The 4th Sunday of Easter(4/22/2018) | The 3rd Sunday of Easter(4/15/2018) | The 2nd Sunday of Easter(4/8/2018) | Easter Sunday(4/1/2018) | Palm Sunday(3/25/2018) |The 5th Sunday of Lent(3/18/2018) | The 1st Sunday of Lent(2/18/2018) | The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time(2/11/2018) | The 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time(2/4/2018) | The 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time(1/28/2018) | The 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time(1/21/2018) | ​The 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time(1/14/2018) | The Epiphany of the Lord(1/7/2018)



The Feast of the Holy Family(12/31/2017)  | Christmas(12/25/2017) Fourth Sunday of Advent(12/24/2017) | Third Sunday of Advent(12/17/2017) | Second Sunday of Advent(12/10/2017) | First Sunday of Advent(12/3/2017)

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